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Odemira region is much more than its beaches. The inner region holds huge surprises, especially taking the time to explore it. Pedestrian or horse riding circuits, explored by bicycle, 4x4 vehicles, by boat or canoe the choices are numerous. Through the hills or plains, find the region wind or tide mills, look for the bird species and choose the best sky to observe constellations. Going up Mira river or practice water sports in Santa Clara dam are excellent options. There are several companies in the region with animation and adventure programs to choose from.

Canoeing with Ecotrails

Paddling upstream the River Mira in a canoe with the tides is an experience not to miss in the region: according to the tides, we meet at a certain place at the perfect time, so you will arrive without big efforts. One canoe fits two or three adults, plus plenty of luggage and children.

V.N. Milfontes - Casa Branca 13km: 3h, 30€/adult
Casa Branca - Odemira 18km: 4h, 30€/adult
Odemira upstream and back 13km: 4h, 15€/adult

Special prices for children and groups!  
Description of the canoe tours on River Mira on the web site:

Horse riding for groups, families or individuals

The discovery of trails mounted on a saddle is an unforgettable experience and a unique way to discover Alentejo's landscapes that otherwise you would never have the chance to see and enjoy. At Monte da Barbanxa (near S. Luís and less than 10 kilometers from Figueirinha), Natasha Stankovic Rosa provides rides with horses and ponies, both for children and adults. Even people who never had previous contact with horses, can enjoy this activity.  She has docile horses available for children and adults, so each ride takes place in the safest way possible for all who want to enjoy and learn more about the fields of Alentejo.
More informations on the website:

Rota Vicentina

Rota Vicentina is a network of walking trails along the Sw coast of Portugal, backed by private and public entities that consider Nature Tourism an essential tool for the development of this region. Besides the implementation of the path, the project also foresees its integration into the region’s tourist offer and local community and its exposure at national and international level. Comprising the Historical Way and the Fishermen’s Trail, also offers several Circular Routes, in a total of 400 km to walk along the most beautiful and best preserved coastline of Southern Europe.


Free tours

Trekking to Senhora das Neves church (distance: +- 6 km – time: 2 hours – difficulty: moderate) – By a dirt road and walking trails through the cork trees ‘montado’, discover the area surrounding Figueirinha Ecoturismo. Take our map and roadbook and follow towards the village of Ribeira do Seissal. Shortly after you’ve completed two kilometers, you’ll start to see Senhora das Neves church. Up the hill the path winds until you meet the “Angel Man”, a creation of the popular sculptor Esmeralda Sobral; reaching the top, an astonishing 360 degrees view with a beautiful landscape. Proceed along the ridge and come down at Monte da Sernadinha. In a blink of an eye, you’ll be back to Figueirinha, for refreshment drink or a hot tea.

Trekking or biking to Represas Nova and Represa Velha (distance: +- 6 km – time: 2 hours – difficulty: easy) – A circular path that starts on you right at Figueirinha and returns by the left, after passing ‘montes’ Represa Nova and Represa Velha. Diversified, the roadbook and the map will allow you to enjoy the landscape variety that only exists in the Alentejo ‘montado’. Be delighted with the flowers in spring, pick up oreganos in summer; and mushrooms in autumn. Besides the herds of sheep and goats, you may see a wild boar, a badger or a mongoose and, who knows maybe even a bird of prey in action.

Biking to Cubeiros de Cima and Senhora das Neves church (distance: +- 12 km – time: 2,5 hours – difficulty: moderate) – To completely explore the region around Figueirinha Ecoturismo, pick up one of our mountain-bikes, the map and the roadbook we offer and discover this circular path that will take you up and downhill to Serra da Estrela. Start turning left towards the plain and the stream where the delicious blackberry grow (in August); you’ll then start to climb Serra da Estrela hillside and after the ridge, go down to the valley where a dirt road will lead you to a little dam full of water and plants. Further you’ll pass ‘monte’ Cubeiros de Cima, with its huge herd of goats, and follow the large dirt road until reaching Senhora das Neves hill. Climb with the bicycle or by foot (according to your physical condition) and, returning, profit from a downhill experiment! Finish the last 3 kilometers and you’ll be back at Figueirinha.

Trekking or biking to Tamera Healing Biotope (distance: +- 12 km – time: 2,5 hours – difficulty: moderate) – Since 1995, Tamera has planned to develop a non-violent life project, a cooperation between human beings, animal and nature. Today 170 people live and work on a property of 330 acres (Monte do Cerro). Leaving Figueirinha, walk towards Monte da Sernadinha, cross Serra da Estrela and yet another hill; open and close the fences in order not to let the cattle and horses out of their pastures; and you’ll start going down to Tamera Healing Biotope. Go through the camping site and pass by the reception where you can have a tea and know more about this original initiative from a group of Germans that gathers, today, people from a lot of different countries. Afterwards follow the large dirt road to the small place of Ribeira do Salto and from there to Juncalinho, Monte da Estrada and Figueirinha.

Other touristic tours (two person minimum, by car, with or without trekking)

Vicentina Coast (Vila Nova de Milfontes-Odeceixe): 30 euros per person – Discover all the beauties of Vicentina Coast beaches and cliffs, between the town of Milfontes and the first Algarve beach, Odeceixe, passing by Almograve beach, Sardão Cap (with its lighthouse), Zambujeira do Mar, Brejão and Carvalhal and Amália Rodrigues beaches – close to the world known Fado singer old holiday house).

Santa Clara Dam: 20 euros per person – It’s one of the largest dams in Alentejo, where you can practice watersports (not included in the price) and enjoy a beautiful landscape view.

Pego das Pias: 10 euros per person – A sequence of natural lagoons very popular among the young people in the region, where you can freshen up in hot summer days.