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The best of two worlds!

Figueirinha Ecoturismo was, for us (Paula and Alexandre) love at first sight!

We came to Alentejo in the beginning of the rural tourism concept more than 30 years ago, first as tourists, later in search of a different rhythm in a region that came to be our adoptive home. Here at Vale Figueira we found what we were longing for: a place with soul, a land of positive energies, heritage from other families that once lived in the valley.

We call it Figueirinha Ecoturismo but the original name Herdade da Figueirinha dos Condados, is much more sumptuous. It’s a little piece of land of only 2 acres but it fulfils all the requirements: we wanted water, houses to rebuild and isolation. We are 2,8 km distant from the tiny village of Monte da Estrada, surrounded by fields of cork and olive trees and only 25 km from Vila Nova de Milfontes and the beach. We have the best of two worlds!

On the countryside we use every resource nature provides. The sun allows us to be self-sufficient energy speaking, the wells give us all the water we need both for drinking and for our biological swimming pool and the earth bears our ecological green garden.

The garden matches José’s personality (Paula’s dad), simple and natural but exuberant. It’s a small oasis ideal for protection against the Alentejo heat and half an hour away from Malhão beach, one of our favourite in Vicentina Coast.

Winter or summer this is our home and yours too. Our wish is to make you feel so welcome here that you will have difficulty in leaving and when returning to your world and life you’ll be flooded with an irresistible longing to come back. To make sure that this happens here we are ready to fill you with attention and care, with our food, fresh bedrooms in high season and wood heaters in winter, the gatherings around our round table and the glamping tent.

After a long trip we wish to receive you the best way possible. And if you pay attention, you’ll be overwhelmed, on the way here, by the red land, the sheep flocks, the centennial cork trees and the skies filled with the birds “abelharucos”. And if happens to be travelling by nightfall, please do take notice of an amazing sky with millions of stars – no lights means the best light. You have reached dark sky Alentejo.