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The forged iron gate, design of our friend Mário, opens the way to the property and its garden. On the right side, facing south, the centennial house is the home of the owners and the place where the family room lays. The Forno room has a double bed and is followed by a smaller room with a bunker bed. Ideal for a couple with one or two kids, or a group of three or four friends this lodging has a private bathroom and a independent entrance. In the common living room there’s a fridge that can be used along with the guests that stay at the tent and at one end of the house a barbecue and a gas stove can also be used. This is the community kitchen.

Ribeira and Serra rooms lay on the new house, built over an ancient ruin of Figueirinha. Serra room has two beds that can be joined and transformed into a double bed and there is still place for a third person with an extra bed. The lodging, decorated using classic and modern elements as well as handicraft from local artisans is prepared to receive people with reduced mobility. Ribeira room has a splendid double bed built with fence wood. Hanging on the ceiling are cork lamps. Both rooms are equipped with kitchenette and private bathroom. The bathrooms have a special stone washbasin and the inside lighting were once utensils to pick up oranges. The room doors open to a small terrace facing the garden and the exterior round table used for summer diners.

To the west, beyond the biological swimming pool a wooden platform was built to hold a safari tent. Kanimambo recreates the spirit of glamorous camping (glamping). A double bed installed in the middle of the space and bedside decorated with palettes and wickers gives the wow factor. Behind a private bathroom has all the equipments guests need: a water basin made out of cork, a big shower and a dry toilet.

At Figueirinha Ecoturismo everybody can cook in our community space and exchange gastronomic experiences.

Tha biological swimming pool, the terraces, the volleyball court, the football table and the board games are some of the things available to entertain guests within the bounderies of Figueirinha Ecoturismo.

Now we introduce our latest novelty, unique in Portugal. Suspended between three trees, the Tentsile is a tent that doesn’t touch the ground. Laying on the air, Figueirinha Ecoturismo guests will have the opportunity to enjoy nature with an even closer feeling. In the middle of an olive tree field, there will be room to listen to the birds and owls and in the hottest summer nights to watch the stars, the double ceiling that protects from humidity when necessary is removable allowing a spectacular view of our dark sky.